what we do.

Our portfolio showcases a selection of our work undertaken but as we are a creative business it’s very hard to place all we do into neat categories. Our work continues to take new directions as we evolve and develop but if we had to add some core business area they would be….

Architectural Visualisation & CGI

We have capabilities to create fully rendered 3d models of development projects through to marketing collateral such as building plans, brochures, hoardings and more. Undertaking projects in the fields of residential, retail and commercial property, we continue to work with a number of developers, architects and estate agents in a very busy sector.

Animation & Motion Graphics

To assist in engaging customers for our clients we provide motion graphic projects across a wide range outcomes. We provide work to enlighten viewers to the merits of client’s products to training on assembly and use of products. Using 2d and 3d hand crafted graphics to film footage shot in house we deliver visually stimulating work.

Branding & Marketing

From new business or product launch to a refresh or change in business needs we help clients find identity and direction. From small start-ups to established businesses we can assist; from logo design to a whole brand look and feel supported by our full service range.

Product Visualisation

From concept through to marketing we provide visual support to a range of clients with very different needs. From realizing products that don’t yet exist to items that do but are too small to photograph successfully in the traditional manner. Our work supports clients for product placement on the web to visual work for international exhibition and trade shows.

Interactive Tools & Products

Sometimes clients need work that customers can engage with directly. Rather than just looking or watching something unfold there is a need to explore and interact with things. We can create simple to complex websites through to independent content such as 3d interactive models for product design to architecture.

Design For Print

We produce a great deal of work for electronic distribution but people still enjoy the touch and feel of something in their hand. Print design will always form an important area of what we do; delivering design for everything from the humble business card to large scale graphics for exhibition stands and more.